Specialities / Neonatology

Step into the specialized world of neonatal care at Tiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital’s Neonatology departments (I, II, III). Our neonatologists and skilled healthcare professionals focus on the unique needs of premature and ill infants, ensuring the best start in life. From advanced neonatal intensive care to developmental support, our Neonatology departments are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team, committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for our tiniest patients.

  • Any sick baby and high risk babies will be admitted (Level III care with all facilities to take care of high risk babies is available).
  • 24 hours In house Neonatologist.
  • Care of extreme preterm ≥ 23 weeks.
  • Care of extremely low birth weight babies (Babies less than 500 gm
  • Conventional ventilation, High frequency ventilation
  • (Special ventilation for extremely sick babies),BCPAP & HHFNC.
  • Whole body cooling for asphyxiated babies.
  • In house Echo & Neurosonogram facilities.
  • Total parenteral nutrition for better weight gain of Extremely Low birth
    weight babies.
  • Major & Minor surgical interventions for Newborns.
  • All procedures like Central Line & Arterial Lines.
  • Transfer in of high risk newborns.
  • Experienced and compassionate nursing care.
  • Exchange transfusion.
  • Endotracheal
  • Umbilical Line placement
  • Chest tube placement
  • Percutaneous (PICC) Line placement
  • IV access & Maintanance
  • Surfactant Therapy

Panel of Doctors