Guidelines for Visitors

Guidelines for Visitors

We recognize that visitors can play a positive role in a patient’s recovery. While we encourage family and friends to visit, patient care remains our top priority. To ensure a tranquil and healing environment for our patients, we kindly request adherence to the following guidelines:

  1. Two visitor passes have been issued to you upon admission, and these must be carried by accompanying individuals within the hospital premises throughout the admission period.

  2. It is imperative to surrender these visitor passes during the settlement of the final bill. Failure to do so may result in charges.

  3. Visitors may need to vacate the room when medical staff need to attend to the patient.

  4. A maximum of two visitors is allowed in the patient’s room simultaneously.

  5. Please keep visits brief to respect the patient’s recovery process.

  6. Maintain a quiet atmosphere by refraining from creating unnecessary noise during your visit.

  7. Individuals with colds, sore throats, or contagious diseases should refrain from visiting patients.

  8. Children under 12 years of age are discouraged from visiting.

  9. Avoid sitting on the patient’s bed.

  10. Prior approval should be sought before presenting gifts of food or beverages, considering that many patients have specific or restricted diets.

  11. Plants and flowers are not permitted in critical care units.

  12. To safeguard confidential patient information and the privacy rights of hospital staff, patients, and visitors, the use of recording devices, including cameras (including cell phone cameras), video recorders, audio recorders, or any other equipment capturing images and/or sound is strictly prohibited.