About TMM Academy

TMM Academy and Research Centre is dedicated to providing excellent medical education. The DMLT, DRT, CSSD, DDT, GDA MRD, Endoscopy and DOTAT. Paramedical play a crucial role in the hospital, and we have departments that are well-equipped with all the diagnostic tools needed in the medical field.

The college is dedicated to academic achievement and offers frequent clinical experience along with top-notch instruction. We offer a strong laboratory infrastructure, an operating suite, an imaging department with cutting-edge technology, a hands-on training area, and a highly qualified faculty that is dedicated to the student’s success. We can assure you that we will assist each student in becoming a responsible, intelligent, and well-rounded individual.

You can email your queries regarding academics or admission to or call our executive on 8078251000

Parent Hospital

Tiruvalla Medical Mission began as a dream in the heart of Dewan Bahadur Dr. V. Varghese the personal physician of the Maharaja of the State of Cochin at the time of his retirement. As an ardent Christian, he read and studied closely the works of early missionaries. Drawing a page from George Mueller a prayer warrior and a leader of the orphanage movement in England, Dewan Bahadur dedicated his life, resources and skills to the betterment of society. Dr Verghese retired from the royal service and immediately began to give shape and structure to his vision.

In 1935, Dewan Bahadur Dr. V. Verghese established a small hospital on a small wooded hillock near the Tiruvalla railway station, Kerala, India. The same is the present site occupied by the main hospital of Tiruvalla Medical Mission (TMM). Along with laying the foundation for the hospital, he also laid the principles for service and administration; all decisions had to be in accordance with ethical and Christian principles. Thus, TMM began as a small step of faith for Dewan Bahadur, but a giant leap for the people of Central Travancore.

In 1940, Dewan Bahadur Dr. V. Verghese constituted a Charitable Trust for this hospital and handed it over to the medical missionaries of Brethren persuasion. The Trust began to be popularly known as ‘Tiruvalla Medical Mission’ (Saippinte Asupathry) with Dr R. S. Churchward, an eminent missionary doctor from England taking over as Medical Superintendent.