After you Reach

After you Reach

Efficient and Patient-Centric Services at TMM Hospital

At Tiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital, we prioritize your access to essential health information. Understanding your laboratory reports is crucial for informed healthcare decisions. Here are the convenient options available for you to obtain your laboratory reports:


Upon your arrival at TMM Hospital, seamless entry into our healthcare system begins with our efficient registration counters. Staffed with courteous professionals, these counters facilitate the quick and hassle-free registration of your personal details, ensuring a smooth transition into our care.

Your comfort is our priority. Wheelchair and trolley services are readily available for your convenience. Wheelchairs and trolleys can be found in the dedicated bay near the security point, allowing easy accessibility for those in need of assistance.

At TMM Hospital, we’ve simplified the payment process for your convenience. Billing counters in the lobby provide a convenient location for settling payments. We accept various payment modes, including cash, card, online transfers, UPI, Gpay, ensuring flexibility in settling your bills.

Efficiency is paramount in our healthcare delivery. A token system near the registration counter in the lobby streamlines the booking and registration process for all patients. This organized approach ensures a fair and orderly flow, minimizing wait times.

For any diagnostic tests or investigations, a dedicated billing counter near the lab facilitates the efficient collection of bills. This centralized system ensures transparency and expediency in handling the financial aspects of your healthcare journey.

Accessing your lab results is designed to be convenient. You can collect your lab results directly from the lab itself or opt to pick them up at the reception. This flexibility ensures that you have easy access to your crucial medical information.

For patients seeking a follow-up or review, our hospital offers multiple avenues for appointment scheduling. Whether it’s through advance booking at the reception, coordination with nursing staff during discharge, or a simple call to our 24/7 call center at 0469262000, we ensure that your convenience is prioritized.

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At TMM Hospital, our commitment to patient-centric care is reflected in these streamlined processes, designed to enhance your overall healthcare experience. Your well-being is our focus, and every aspect of our services is geared towards ensuring your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.