The department of Anaesthesiology has a team of very well qualified and experienced doctors. The core values which they practise are compassion towards patients, professionalism and endless dedication towards their work. Our doctors follow international standards and protocols. This combined with modern equipments and state-of-the art technology help them to provide the highest standard of patient care. Our Anaesthesiologist play a major role prior to, during surgery and post surgical interventional care of the patient, they ensuring good overall outcome of patient care.

The department ensures that:-

1) Patients are entitled to safe evidence based humanistic medical care.

2) Holistic personalised care is offered to all patients.

3) High quality, Cost effective patient care is given.

4) The equipments used to administor anaesthesia and monitor the progress of our patients is the most advanced in healthcare services.

The surgical ICU is a 14 bedded well equipped ICU for management of postoperative patients needing critical care.

Services Offered

1) Preanaesthesia clinics.

2) Round the clock emergency anaesthesia services.

3) Anaesthesia for routine and advanced laproscopic procedures.

4) Anaesthesia for geriatric,paediatric and neonatal surgeries.

5) Anaesthesia for Trauma cases including polytrauma and neurosurgery.

6) Postoperative pain relief services.

7) Providing services in management of critically ill patients.

8) On site resuscitation.

9) Providing labour epidural anaesthesia. (Painless labour)