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Ms. Reshma Krishnan

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Reshma Krishnan is a dedicated Clinical Psychologist renowned for her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care to individuals grappling with psychiatric and psychological disorders. Trained at NIMHANS, she brings extensive expertise in handling a myriad of atypical presentations of psychiatric conditions, ensuring the highest quality of care for her patients and clients. With accolades including securing first ranks in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as qualifying for the NET and JRF exams, Ms. Krishnan has earned titles such as “Budding Psychologist” and “Young Psychologist,” underscoring her outstanding achievements and dedication to her field.

Her vast experience spans across diverse populations, ranging from children to the geriatric population, encompassing a wide spectrum of disorders such as neurodegenerative disorders, mood disorders, anxiety and stress disorders, psychotic disorders, developmental disorders, substance use disorders, and more. Proficient in various assessments including diagnostic psychometry and neuropsychological assessments, Ms. Reshma Krishnan is adept at conducting psychotherapy sessions utilizing a blend of traditional and modern approaches. She holds a special interest in neuropsychology, integrated therapy, Family/Couple therapy, Behavior therapy, Trauma-focused therapy, CBT, DBT, Schema therapy, and other third-wave therapies, showcasing her versatility and commitment to holistic care.

  • M.Phil. Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS)

Experience of 2 years as NIMHANS M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Trainee, and 6 months as independent practitioner diagnosing, conducting assessments, and psychotherapy in various typical and atypical psychiatric/psychological/neuropsychological cases including child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations.

Member of IACP-KR

  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Anxiety and stress disorders (including OCD, PTSD)
  • Somatoform and dissociative disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Developmental disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Behavioral addictions
  • Habit disorders (including Tic disorder, Trichotillomania)
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Marital and family conflict


Ms. Reshma Krishnan is skilled in various assessments, including:

  • Diagnostic psychometry
  • Personality assessments
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Neuropsychological assessments
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