Dr. Abdul Razak V A

Doctors Dr. Abdul Razak V A

Dr. Abdul Razak V A

Emergency Physician

Welcome to the profile of Dr. Abdul Razak V A, an esteemed Emergency Physician dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients in critical situations. With a profound commitment to serving his patients to the best of his knowledge and ability, Dr. Abdul Razak V A embodies the essence of compassion and urgency in emergency medicine. Known for his gentle and kind demeanor, Dr. Abdul Razak V A approaches each emergency situation with a sense of empathy and understanding, ensuring that patients feel supported and reassured during times of distress. With a keen sense of urgency, he never hesitates to take swift and decisive actions to save lives, prioritizing the well-being and safety of his patients above all else.



  • ER physician, St Thomas Hospital Kattanaam from 2021 July to 2022 December
  • ER, physician, St Thomas Hospital Chethipuzha from 2016 August to 2021 April.
  • ER, physician, Tiruvalla Medical Mission Hospital Thiruvalla 

Dr. Abdul Razak V A is a member of IMA

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