Neurological surgery is an area which has made its signature in effectively dealing with issues of the brain and spine and peripheral nerves. It carries the core of scope in advanced medical research and learning: Dealing with life-threatening brain bleeds to spinal cord and disc problems, neurosurgery has made a lot of technological advances.


The neurology department of TMM offers comprehensive treatments for all brain and spine disorders and illnesses and advanced traumatic brain and spinal injury.


We at TMM provide advanced cutting edge treatment and compassionate care with gods signature for patients with neurological problems.


The key Highlights of this Department are:


1. Key hole surgery for disc prolapses and other spine disorders,including Spine Tumours.

2. Advanced Head Injury Management with dedicated Neuro ICU and elective ventilation and External ventricular drainage.


3. Minimal invasive Brain Surgery.


4. Awake Brain Surgery.


5. Hydrocephalus Shunt Surgery.


6. Advanced MRI.


7. Advanced CT Scan.


8. Angiography and Venography studies.


9. Neuropsychiatry.


10. Rehabilitation Department.


11. Craniomaxillofacial Surgery.


12. Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care.


13. Neurodiagnostic lab with well equipped video EEG, NCS and Sleep Studies.

Other Main Specialities include:


Cranial surgery


  • Head injuries

  • Skull growth, Defects, Deformities.

  • Hydrocephalus shunt surgery.

  • Craniosynostosis.

  • Brain Tumours (including Acoustic Neuroma, Orbital and Skull base tumours.

  • Cranial nerve Lesions.

  • Microvascular Neurosurgery.

Spinal surgery


  • Disc Prolapse and related disorders- minimally Invasive surgery.

  • Spinal Cord Compression, Tumours and Injuries.

  • Meninocele, Tethered Cord Syndrome and Congenital Spine Disorders.

  • Spinal Fixations.

Peripheral Nerves


  • Entrapment Syndromes.

  • Plexus Lesions and Tumours.