Dr. Georgia George
Fellowship in Neonatology


  • Any sick baby and high risk babies will be admitted (Level III care with all facilities to take care of high risk babies is available).

  • 24 hours In house Neonatologist.

  • Care of extreme preterm 23 weeks.

  • Care of extremely low birth weight babies (Babies less than 500 gm

  • Conventional ventilation, High frequency ventilation

  • (Special ventilation for extremely sick babies),BCPAP & HHFNC.

  • Whole body cooling for asphyxiated babies.

  • In house Echo & Neurosonogram facilities.

  • Total parenteral nutrition for better weight gain of Extremely Low birth
    weight babies.

  • Major & Minor surgical interventions for Newborns.

  • All procedures like Central Line & Arterial Lines.

  • Transfer in of high risk newborns.

  • Experienced and compassionate nursing care.

  • Exchange transfusion.



  • Endotracheal
  • Umbilical Line placement
  • Chest tube placement
  • Percutaneous (PICC) Line placement
  • IV access & Maintanance
  • Surfactant Therapy