The department of clinical nutrition and dietetics at TMM hospital works with the motto ‘LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE’. The Dietitian ensures each patient visiting the department receives the best nutrition services they need that is personalized to meet any particular needs and concerns. The Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Department  provides comprehensive nutrition services to improve the quality of life and health of the patients.

Nutrition education for disease prevention and nutrition counseling for chronic conditions are essential components of a comprehensive disease management and wellness program. The information provided by the dietitian, can improve a patient’s overall well-being with important changes in dietary and lifestyle habits. The dietitian work hand-in-hand with referring physicians and multidisciplinary health care team members to deliver coordinated and cost-effective care.

  • Detailed Nutritional Assessment of The Patients 
  • Disease specific diet charts to enhance nutrition education 
  • Customized Calorie Chart based on the assessment 
  • Regular Monitoring, documentation and follow ups to ensure all patients receives the best possible care 
  • Design individual eating plans depending on your needs 
  • Work with your healthcare team to ensure continuity of care. 
  • Help you understand the benefits of nutritional supplements whenever required, and find the ones that you can tolerate to meet your individual nutritional needs. 



High Quality and Evidence based Medical Nutrition Therapy For conditions like:

➢    Type I DM                                                      ➢    Type II DM

➢    GDM                                                                ➢    Overweight and Obesity

➢    Underweight                                               ➢    Post Operative cases

➢    PIH                                                                    ➢    Cardiovascular Diseases

➢    HTN                                                                  ➢    CKD

➢    CKD on Dialysis                                        ➢    Anaemia

➢    Pregnancy                                                    ➢    Hyperemesis

➢    Renal Stones                                               ➢    Hyperuricemia

➢    IBD                                                                   ➢    Crohn’s Disease

➢    CLD                                                                 ➢    Constipation

➢    Pediatric Nutrition                                ➢    Enteral Nutrition.