Dr. K T Sebastian

Senior Consultant in General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Monday, Wednesday & Friday




Currently working in TMM hospital Tiruvalla.He is a renowned General and Endoscopic Surgeon with wide experience of addressing  major acute and elective surgical problems for more than thirty years. He has served Kerala Govt. Health Services for 25 years working in major District and General hospitals.  There are Thousands of surgeries of Thyroid, Breast, Gastro intestinal system, Hernia etc, to his credit.

He has a wide experience with endoscopic surgeries. The endoscopic surgeries that he undertakes are:-

  • Lap Appendicectomy
  • Lap. Cystectomy
  • Lap. Fundoplication
  • Lap. Splenectomy
  • Lap. Hernia
  • Lap. Colectomy :- both right and left
  • Lap. Rectopexy

VAFT – A minimally invasive procedure for anal fistula.

Trans axillary Endo Thyroidectomy :- Where Thyroidectomy is undertaken through a keyhole near right axilla thereby avoiding neck scar.

Painless procedure like stapler, aeno pexy,