TMM School of Nursing

Tiruvalla Medical Mission (TMM) School  of Nursing established in 1943 introducing a four year Nurses Training course currently provided education opportunity for Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery (three and a half year) course with approval for intake of 40 seats. The training imparted from TMM School of Nursing has its standard and discipline acquired from the land where Florence Nightingale herself worked. Therefore it is not surprising that the graduates of this school, now numbering over 1400 offer admirable service in health sector across the world. The School continues to grow strong and makes its presence felt in the hospital and the community around Thiruvalla.

TMM School of nursing

In order to enable the economically weak, but academically bright candidates to study this nursing course with ease TMM has introduced a Great Charity scheme, besides the normal payment scheme just because TMM considers the poor.  This special scheme is called: ‘STUDY NOW PAY LATER’. This scheme enables a GNM student to study the entire course without making payment.  The cost of education can be paid back (interest free) from a portion of the monthly salary when employed.