Project Oasis

The global migration of Keralities in the latter half of the last century has created enormous wealth in the state of Kerala. The thatched huts are replaced by multi-storeyed mansions, the bullock cart by modern posh cars and at the same time it also created a generation old people who has to depend on servants or neighbours for their survival, because their children are living in faraway places and are unable to look after them. These elderly people often suffer from diseases, physical disabilities, loneliness and often severe depression.

Understanding the need in the community TMM hospital in Vazhoor started a project and converted one wing of the hospital for looking after the elderly who needs help. The project is name Oasis, meant to be a place in the middle of a desert where one can find water, shelter, food and it protects you from savageness and brutality of the deserted feeling of loneliness in the old age.

Project Oasis

11 double bedroom facility with attached bathroom and a small dressing area for each inmate. Caretakers are arranged based on request. Spiritual and psychological support by the local brethren and chaplain

Project Oasis

24 hour on call medical and nursing care as it is attached with the hospital and thus ancillary services like pharmacy, medical laboratory, X-ray, ECG facilities are easily accessible





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